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Core Media Productions

(DLIC productions)



"DLIC productions is a team that dedicates their time to making all sorts of videos/films. we love to do anything from music videos to client work, cooking segments, parties, events, films, documentaries etc.."


- Core Media


 This design depicts the elements of production by the Core media team, showing most of the tools and treats they need for their next challenge. Starting from the bottom, these individuals out of the bay are currently working towards becoming the next production company in the music industry. Practice only makes perfect and working along side underground independent groups such as Root Reality & big names like Layzie bone only make their path to success the beginning. This collaboration sets forth a bond of creative geniuses and art enthusiasts to bring the world something new.


Check them out on their youtube channel by clicking the link below or viewing their produced work for featured group on my site Root Reality in their offical music video "Helluva Night". 




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