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Artist Bio

My inspiration comes from essential experiences, different mediums & textures allow me to express those ideas and provide them as inspiration. Being a part of the North Fair Oaks / Redwood City community has taught me a lot about growth, working alongside immigrant families and people who have no choice but to make ends meet. My hardships have molded me into the artist I am today and allow me to be another voice for my community. Some of the themes my art touches are adversity, unity, chicanoism, humanity and perseverance. After attending the Academy of Art University I was able to determine what style and meaning my art was to convey. I pride myself on inspiring the people as a whole but emphasize the small things in life along with day to day challenges at the forefront. Ive been creating art all my life and just recently started doing murals in 2016. The North Fair Oaks mural in the heart of the community with the rose in the middle is but yet the beginning of my journey to a longtime hustle of helping beautify communities and spread positive messages.

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