North Fair Oaks Mural

Video by Rolph Mejia

           I’ve been an artist ever since I could remember, growing up in the North Fair Oaks community I learned a lot about my culture and the ways of our people. Hard working, independent and loving natures all molded into each individual to create an atmosphere of unity. My design proposal represents more than just words, it depicts the on hand transition my neighborhood has transpired. There have been so many positive and negative outcomes to these changes but we must not let that candle in our community go out but continue to fire it with our knowledge, scholars, investments and navigation towards a better future. There have been many families affected with our changes and the politics don’t make it any easier but I’m informing these people that our North Fair Oaks legacy will live on even if people aren’t speaking up but to know that we are all in the same train of thought. I can only hope to continue to inspire all age groups and ethnic backgrounds to understand that our working class has done more than what it seems. We together as one, the people can make big things happen as long as a message is being read or delivered and that itself is what I intend to do if the mural is chosen. The North Fair Oaks district community is the shiny apple at the bottom of the bowl and I hope to reach in and uplift it so the people can see just that.

The Sketch / Design Approval

Original Sketch

The Wall Transfer


The Paint


The Youth


Arthur Koch




Madahi Cornejo

Rolph Mejia

Maria Nunez

NFO Public Artwork Group

Kent Manske


Linda Lopez

Rafael y Ana Avenado

Sienna Youth Center

Ivan Reyes

PAL Center

Warren Slocum

San Mateo County

North Fair Oaks Council

North Fair Oaks Community

Edmond (photography)

Mom - Ana Ramirez-Gaeta

Sister - Marlene Castro

Dad - Efrain Gaeta

David Melena

Thank You!